Much Ado About Lebwoski

PERFORMED Summer 2010 and 2011

The Primitive Screwheads presented a staged parody about a man named Sir Geoffery of Lebrowski, who lived a simple life until the day he was mistaken for Geoffery of Lebrowski. On that day, one manís quiet life turns into utter chaos full of kidnappings, escaped prisoners, rug peeing, theatrical porn, and a severed toe. The Primitive Screwheads presented a wildly unique Comedy of Errors featuring a medley of all the Cohen Brothersímovies, live minstrels, a dancing greek chorus, bowling balls, and of course, flying blood.

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Brain-Dead Alive!

PERFORMED October 2009

The Primitive Screwheads brought their latest play, Brain-Dead Alive, to San Francisco just in time for Halloween as a 1940's style radio drama parody of Peter Jackson's cult zombie movie. There was no shortage of audience participation as gallons of fake blood were sprayed on the guests as part of the show. And better yet, the Bay Area's most kick-ass bands came and played prior to the show each night. Rockin' Bands and BLOOD!

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Kentucky Jones and the Carpet of Doom


When terrorists seek a powerful ancient artifact, only one man can stop them: the calamitous Kentucky Jones. Audiences witness the hilarity of the Primitive Screwheads' first "bone dry" productions as Tucky battled terrorists, snakes, and other miscellaneous heathens. Performed at the Brava Theater.

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The Chainsaw Massacres


The Chainsaw Massacres is a live theatrical parody that draws inspiration from both actual historical events of the late seventies as well as from classic horror movies such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The story follows five teenagers celebrating their last night together before college begins. When their car breaks down in the middle of the nowhere at the dead of night, they encounter a man who leads them down the road to one of the most terrifying experiences anyone’s darkest imagination could ever envision. Starring The Primitive Screwheads Theater Company, The Chainsaw Massacres is an original play filled with loud chainsaws, chaotic screaming, and multiple dismemberments that all lead to an extraordinary amount of spraying blood and belly laughs.


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Re-Animator of the Dead:
The Tale of Herbert West


Medical Student Herbert West and his colleague are performing unsanctioned experiments in the morgue of Miskatonic University; experiments where corpses and body parts are reanimated back to life with gruesome and tragic results.

Re-Animtor of the Dead: The Tale of Herbert West is a live theatrical presentation that parodies and pays tribute to the movies and stories that inspired and scared us. Be ready for Nudity! Decapitations! Brains! Gore! And Lots and lots and lots of BLOOD!!

The Crazy Go Nuts Show


The Crazy Go Nuts Show is a Musical Variety Show that incorporates Sketch Comedy, Improv Comedy and Stand-Up Comedy into one unique Performance. In addition, there will be special tributes to old-fashion vaudeville routines, a Rock Band, and a grand over the top opening Musical Dance Number that harkens back to the days of Busby Berkley and The Muppet Show. You’ll See Such Things As: Driest Comic Standing and “Friday the 13th Part 4” in 10 Minutes
Starring: The Primitive Screwheads and Tossing Alice


Evil Dead: Live!

PERFORMED February - March 2004 and June 8, 2005 at the Victoria Theatre.

You've seen it many times, but you've never seen it LIVE, UNTIL NOW!!! Containing elements from all three movies, Evil Dead: Live! follows the story of Ash as he unknowingly unleashes the dark powers of the Necronomicon and must battle demons from hell to save his soul. It's Loud! It's Live! It's Scary! And It's Going To Get BLOODY!

Evil Dead: Live! is an over the top,theatrical stage presentation that parodies, yet remains faithful and pays tribute to the true essence of the Evil Dead Series as created by Sam Rami and starring Bruce Campbell.

WARNING!!!! Don't wear nice clothes because it's going to get wet and mess.



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